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iPS Goes Social! Take a Free Test Drive of Our Services.

San Leandro, Calif. – October 25, 2009 - iPS, a leader in 3rd party order fulfillment, logistics and ecommerce solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Pure Verticals, Inc., a social media monetization company.

Pure Verticals has successfully created patent-pending technology that works like no other on the market. The product is called Vwala! and is a highly sophisticated widget that allows bloggers and social members to directly endorse products and video ads inside their professional or amateur user-generated content (UGC). The member is able to maintain 100% control over all ads, allowing true relevance to be delivered to the consumer. All endorsements are within context of the user's text or videos, and the technology also allows social members to endorse products and ads in and around all viral videos (such as YouTube's videos, an industry first). It's a win-win for everyone; social members, merchants, advertisers, and other participants.

There are no upfront costs associated with merchant participation in Vwala! Merchants elect to pay an endorsement amount for all product sales and these payout amounts are controlled entirely by the merchant.

Merchants have insight into who, where, and what is endorsing their products and ads. For example, if Marie the soccer mom was blogging about her daughter who loves the new Adidas Predator sports cleats she bought, Marie could write about the shoes and directly endorse them right inside her content. Marie can endorse her text, a video she recorded of the soccer game, or if she rather use a viral video from YouTube, she could endorse it on any of her blogs or sites. And, because Vwala! has a sophisticated self-contained checkout shopping cart built in, Marie’s viewers who choose to buy the soccer cleats never leave Marie’s blog or site - a marketer’s dream.

All new and existing iPS clients will receive invitations to participate for the initial pilot phase, scheduled for early Nov 2009. New iPS clients will be able to list their products immediately following account set-up. Vwala! is easy to use and allows merchants and advertisers to sell their products and ads on blogging sites such as,,, and, along with the vast number of social network sites, such as Kickapps, Xanga, MOG, Tumblr, and many more. Pure Verticals has also announced Vwala! will soon be compatible with the major social sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Ning, and most other popular social properties. Pure Verticals will allow full merchant and advertiser participation immediately following the brief pilot phase.

iPS focuses on streamlining business processes and in innovative technologies to help our clients increase sales intelligently. iPS has partnered with Pure Verticals to allow our clients to be early adopters in this unique social commerce opportunity.

For a limited time period, iPS is offering free order fulfillment and social commerce services for all new clients. Enjoy a complimentary trial of quality order fulfillment while being one of the first businesses to enjoy the benefits in the growing field of social commerce.

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